Plug Power Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040

Plug Power Stock Price Prediction : If you’re in search of a Plug Power stock price forecast or delving into the potential of Plug Power stock, this price forecast could prove beneficial. Our projection for the Plug Power stock price is formulated through a comprehensive technical analysis and an assessment of Plug Power’s historical stock performance. Within this analysis, we will strive to evaluate the prospective trajectory of Plug Power stock over the long term.

What is Plug Power Inc?

Plug Power, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG) is a company that focuses on providing hydrogen fuel cell solutions for various applications, including material handling equipment, electric vehicles, and stationary power generation. The company develops hydrogen fuel cell systems that are designed to replace traditional batteries in a range of industries.

Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cells are used to power forklifts, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment in warehouses and distribution centers. These fuel cells offer benefits such as faster refueling times and longer operating durations compared to traditional battery-powered equipment.

The company also explores applications in other areas, including commercial electric vehicles like delivery vans and buses, as well as stationary power generation for backup and off-grid power solutions.

Plug Power Stock price prediction

Market Cap $4.80 Billion
PE Ratio-5.7
Forward PE
Trailing PE
52 Week High$30.68
52 Week Low $7.39
Book Value6.25

Plug Power Stock price prediction 2023

Making notable strides in establishing a prominent role within the green hydrogen revolution, Plug Power is advancing significantly. With the expansion of its green hydrogen production facilities, Plug Power anticipates a substantial boost in its profit margins. This projection stems from the company’s ability to manufacture green hydrogen at a reduced expense within its own facilities. Moreover, the substantial tax credits pertaining to green hydrogen are poised to bring about transformative effects for Plug Power in the year 2023. The lower projection is approximately $14, with an average of about $20. On average, this increase signifies a rise of roughly from the present value of $17.56.

Plug Power Stock Forecast 2024

Projected into the conclusion of 2024, it is anticipated that the stock price of Plug Power will ascend to $22. The envisaged range encompasses a lower target of $18.30 and a upper limit of $28. The foreseen monthly price volatility is approximated to be 13.437%.

Plug Power Stock price prediction 2025

When gauging the prospective trajectory of Plug Power stock for the year 2025, our analysis indicates a continued decline. The projected average Plug Power Stock price prediction for 2025 stands at $22.30, with the nadir expected to be $20. Should the broader stock market sentiment shift favorably, the apex price range for Plug Power stock is estimated to span between $30.

Plug Power Stock price prediction 2030

As per the Plug Power Stock Price Projection for the year 2030, a surge in demand for the company’s products is anticipated down the line. The stock’s potential for lucrative returns hinges on the management’s capability to bolster net profits. Regardless, a prevailing sentiment among numerous brokerages is one of optimism regarding the forthcoming price targets for the stock.

Envisaging the landscape ahead, the average price projection for Plug Power stock in 2030 is set at $36.98, accompanied by an upper limit of $40.75.

Plug Power Stock price Target 2040

Anticipations for the year 2040 place Plug Power stocks at a projected value of $90.12, underscoring the positive outlook analysts hold for Plug Power’s future trajectory. Recognizing that all stocks entail a measure of risk, Plug Stock is actively promoting the idea of embracing long-term investment strategies to its audience.

Recent financial quarters have showcased Plug Power’s robust expansion, adding weight to its encouraging narrative. The substantial commitments made towards research and development have the potential to catalyze additional growth in the foreseeable future.

Plug Power stock price Overview

  • Stock Name: Plug Power Inc
  • Ticker Symbol: PLUG
  • Country: USA
  • Official Website:
  • Sector: Plug Power is a Electrical sector.
  • Market Cap: $4.80 Billion
  • All-time High: $1498 (March 2000)
  • Current Stock Price: $8.20 (as of 26th August 2023)


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